Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If the things you desire are only for yourself, then what you accomplish will be empty and unfulfilling. Desire turned inward is nothing but greed, and will bring you nothing worth having. The greediest people are not those who desire too much. The greediest people are those who desire too little, who desire only for their own narrow, limited concerns.

The more outwardly your desires are focused, the more fulfilling will the fruits of those desires be. What you desire for the world beyond you, for all of life itself, will bring the most lasting, fulfilling rewards.

The person who solves his own small problems will receive some real value from his efforts. Yet when that person can make the same innovation available to others, the value that can be created is virtually unlimited.

Desire can be a powerful force, so be sure to point it in a positive direction. The more your desire is focused beyond your own concerns, the further it will take you and your world.